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Essential English for Foreign Students [4 Books and Audio]

Essential English for Foreign Students

Essential English for Foreign Students by C.E. Eckersley; revised edition;
Foreign Languages Press,
Sofia, 1967

Language: English
Перед вами прекрасный учебник английского языка, составленный Карлом Эккерсли прямым методом, состоящий из 4-х книг. Это оригинальная нерусифицированная версия.
В архиве 4 тома и аудио, записанное с пластинки.

Essential English is a course in four books for teching of English to adult foreign students. It aims at giving the student a sound knowledge of the essentials of both spoken and written English and taking him well on the way to a mastery of idiomatic conversational and literary English.
The normal constructions and sentence patterns of English are introduced gradually and systematically, and are well drilled at every stage. The learner is guided through "essential@ grammar in the simplest possible manner, and every new construction is explained and illustrated as soon as it is used.

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Essential English for Foreign Students [Eckersley]

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