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Korean for Dummies | Корейский для чайников

Korean for Dummies, Cheat Sheet
by Jungwook Hong and Wang Lee
Published by Wiley Publishing, Inc. Dialogues from the book on Audio CD
Languages: english, korean
Korean For Dummies helps you take first steps toward understanding some Korean and tells you about some Korean mannerisms.
If you don’t like memorizing tables upon tables of grammatical rules and declensions, or if you love it but don’t have much time, this book is for you. Each chapter is organized so that you can look up and say a little something in the many situations that you may encounter while shopping, traveling, eating, and so on.

[1] Getting Started .
[2] Basic Korean Grammar and Numbers .
[3] Introductions and Greetings .
[4] Making Small Talk .
[5] Eating and Drinking .
[6] Shopping Made Easy .
[7] Exploring the Town .
[8] Enjoying Yourself: Recreation and Sports .
[9] Making Connections: Phone, Mail, Fax, and Internet .
[10] At the Office and Around the House .
[11] Money, Money, Money .
[12] Asking Directions .
[13] Staying at a Hotel .
[14] Transportation .
[15] Planning a Trip .
[16] Handling an Emergency .
[17] Ten Ways to Get a Quick Handle on Korean .
[18] Ten Things to Avoid Doing in Korea .
[19] Ten Favorite Korean Expressions .
[20] Ten Phrases That Make You Sound Korean .

Справочник-самоучитель корейского языка из знаменитой серии "For Dummies", составленный переводчиком и преподавателем корейского языка Wang Lee, корейцем по этническому происхождению, живущим в США. Книга состоит из 20 разговорных тем, одна глава посвящена грамматике, все диалоги озвучены.
Внимание: книга на английском языке.

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Korean For Dummies

The Korean Language

The Korean Language
Ho-Min Sohn
Cambridge University Press
Languages: english, korean

This book provides a detailed survey of the Korean language, covering its speakers, genetic affiliation, historical development, dialectal variation, lexicon, writing systems, sound patterns, word structure, and grammatical structure. It is designed to be accessible to a wide readership, and provides a wealth of data in a user-friendly format.

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The Korean Language [Ho-Min Sohn]

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Самоучитель корейского языка