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Words Origins

Words Origins

Words Origins. The Secret Histories of English Words from A to Z
by John Ayto
Second Edition
A & C Black, London, 2005
Language: English
"...The aim of this dictionary is to bring out and make explicit these sorts of historical connection between English words.
In all about 8,000 words have their stories told here. They represent the central core of English vocabulary, plus an extensive selection of words included either because their etymology is intrinsically interesting, or because they form part of a wider lexical family."


absent [14] Absent is based ultimately on the Latin verb ‘to be’, esse. To this was added the prefix ab- ‘away’, giving Latin abesse ‘be away’; and the present participial stem of abesse was absent-. Hence, via Old French, the adjective absent and the noun absence. It has been conjectured, incidentally, that the present stem used for Latin esse was a descendant of Indo-European *sontos ‘truth’, from which English sooth comes.

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Words Origins by John Ayto

Forbidden American English

Forbidden American English

Forbidden American English: A Serious Compilation of Taboo American English
Richard A. Spears, Ph.D.
Passport Books (July 1990); Народна культура, София, 1992
Language: American English
Forbidden American English contains approximately 1400 words and phrases that should not be used by educated speakers of English, this dictionary of offensive and often inflammatory vocabulary is designed to inform rather than to offend or entertain. Compiled and annotated by author - Richard A. Spears, Ph.D., a reference editor and former linguistics professor who has written more than 30 dictionaries, including NTC's American Idioms Dictionary and NTC's American English Learner's Dictionary.

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Forbidden American English

3500 английских фразеологизмов и устойчивых словосочетаний

Литвинов П.П.
М.: Астрель: АСТ, 2007
Словарь содержит около 3500 английских фразеологизмов и устойчивых словосочетаний.Большое количество иллюстративных примеров и тематическое разделение материала поможет в освоении новых выражений, которые позволят кратко и точно выразить свою мысль и избежать дословных переводов с русского языка на английский.
Данный словарь окажет серьёзную помощь в изучении английского языка и поможет значительно пополнить словарный запас.

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3500 английских фразеологизмов и устойчивых словосочетаний

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